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COVID Vaccination & Census 2021 Update

Dear Friends and Members, 

Vaccinations are Working! 
I hope you are all well and this message brings you more positive news. Yesterday’s announcements indicate that things are better and Covid-19 is slowly being managed through the vaccination programme with more people, particularly our older and vulnerable population, getting vaccinated.  This is good news for us all as we wait for the younger population to receive their inoculation and make our new normal become a brighter place once again. 
We are aware of many of our Members and Over 65s being called for vaccinations. We urge you all to take your turn and keep yourselves safe by accepting your place in the queue. Please get vaccinated! 
We hope to open the centre soon and follow the roadmap delivered by Downing Street yesterday. Hopefully, more services will resume by mid June and our centre will welcome you all again. 

The Census is Coming. Meanwhile, we have the 2021 Census coming our way. Look out for your invitation pack in the post. It will show you how to complete the forms for your household. 
The Census gathers vital information to help plan future services such as transport, education and healthcare. It is a legal requirement to complete the forms and your answers are protected by law and will be kept confidential. 
Please do follow the instructions on the Census forms and remember that your 12 digit unique code will allow you to give permission to somebody else in your close network to fill the forms on your behalf, entering the answers that you provide. 
Let’s all think positive and pray Covid-19 is being managed and the vaccination programme roll out continues to go well. 
We look forward to opening our doors later in Summer 2021 and seeing you all again. 


Vice Chair, ICCA