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Nottinghamshire Victim CARE Service

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Please see FREE service being provided by the Police and the Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire Victim CARE

Contracted by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Nottinghamshire Victim CARE offer a service of support to all residents of Nottinghamshire affected by crime, anti-social behaviour and hate crime.

They offer free and confidential support, advice and guidance in line with each person’s needs, and the support lasts as long as is required.

They also offer restorative justice opportunities for those victims wishing to participate – restorative processes bring those harmed by crime or conflict and those responsible for the harm into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward.

The service is to simply be there to listen and offer guidance through the criminal justice process when you need it most.

If you have been affected, you can access this free, independent and confidential service – even if the crime did not happen recently or you did not report it to the police give them a call on Freephone number 0800 304 7575.

They are open Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm.

For further information can be found by visiting their website: