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ICCA Management Board

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Indian Community Centre Association is made up of a formally elected group of volunteers with various skills and experiences, all of whom are keen to ensure a good quality of service is provided for the community and the associations members. Also known as the Management Board, the Executive Committee are responsible for the overall management of the ICCA’s assets and oversee the provision of services at the centre.

♦ Mrs Kashmeera Gorecha (Chair)

♦ Mr Balraj (Steve) Sanghera (Vice-chair)

♦ Mr Prashant Bhapkar (Vice-chair)

♦ Mr Jagjivan Gajree (Treasurer)

♦ Mr. Suburamony Arunachalam (Secretory)

♦ Mr Surinder Rai

♦  Mr Gurmeet Vohra 

♦ Mr Jagdip Lehal

♦ Miss Angela Kandola

♦ Mr Victor Mahal