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Dosti Luncheon Club

Thank you to all for voting for us to win the Spirit of Sherwood and Carrington Awards 2018 in the Services to the Community Category.


ICCA Dosti Luncheon Club


‘Dosti’ is the Hindi and Urdu word for ‘friendship’. Everybody is welcome to come and eat with us on weekday lunchtimes where we serve traditional and delicious ‘Thali’ lunches.

The Dosti Luncheon Club is in the 1947 Suite. There are two new lounges to eat and relax in, there is Dosti Curry Lounge for adults only and a family room for those with young children.

Dosti Luncheon club is open from 12.30pm till 1.30pm (Monday to Friday).

So come along every weekday with family and friends, relax and enjoy your lunch break, every weekday at The ICCA.

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The Luncheon Club won the Gold Star Award by the Catering Services of Adult Social Services, Nottingham City Council  for the Best Community Quality Provision & Services to Local Community.



Dosti Luncheon Club visted by food critics

The Dosti Luncheon Club has been visted by food critics from the award winning LeftLion Magazine and featured in the Nottingham article! Here is a taster of what they had to say about our Dosti Luncheon Club:

“The Dosti Luncheon Club is a brilliant idea; a communal kitchen that you can just pop along to and enjoy with friends, family or whoever you’re sat next to, with a Bollywood film playing in the background.”

To view the full article please click here, to view the LefLion publication please follow this link:

Charges for a full traditional thali: (eating in)
Adult Meal  (eat- in)                  – Veg £4.40  / Non-Veg £4.95
Adult Meal  (take away)            – Veg £4.75  / Non-Veg £4.99 
Elderly Meal  (eat- in)               – Veg £3.85  / Non-Veg £4.40
Elderly Meal  (take away)         – Veg £4.40  / Non-Veg £4.95
Children under 12 (eat- in)      – Veg £3.30  / Non-Veg £3.85 
Children under 12 (take away)- Veg £3.65  / Non-Veg £4.20

Full vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available from Monday to Friday. Also take away is available too, just ask when you are next in.

As an example, our meals consist of one vegetable dish, one lentil dish, a sweet dish, a serving of rice, chapatti, yogurt and non-veg dish (if ordered).