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Day Care

Aimed at those who are elderly and feel:

  • socially isolated
  • who struggle to take part in social or routine daily activities
  • who would like to meet people and have some normality in their life

Our day care provision can provide an environment where older people can receive help and support and develop friendships.

Our carers can:
  • provide a range of activities including shopping and day trips, quizzes and games, religious sessions including hymn singing and more
  • promote well-being through health monitoring sessions, guidance on good health and falls prevention advice, all with qualified health professionals
Our day care assistance is designed to:
  • help improve the quality of life of our older population
  • encourage independence
  • provide relief to carers
Services are intended to be:
  • provided in a culturally sensitive setting
  • sensitive to dietary needs
  • meeting the linguistic needs of users

Comments from service users

‘Very much pleased with the Day Care Service. I enjoy coming to the centre and meet other people from my own community. I am able to read, chat, socialise and take part in various activities organised by the centre. Staff is very helpful and polite and treat us with respect and dignity. I love the food which is prepared in Indian style. I don’t need to depend on my family members. I am very grateful to the day care staff.’ – J.M.

‘Mrs P is extremely happy with the service you provide at the community centre. The staff are all really friendly and kind to her, she cannot ask for anymore better service. Thank you. – K.P.

‘The staff and carers of the Luncheon Club are good. The carers are very helpful and nice. They are dedicated to their job and to the elderly people.’ – P.G.

‘The community centre has been a godsend. It has rejuvenated my mother. Further more she has encouraged others in their neglected twilight years to attend. That is singularly an enormous transformation for them. From a grimace to smiles. Long may the facility continue.’ – R.K.


The Meals on Wheels Service 

Fresh meals delivered direct to your door. If you think that you would benefit from this service please discuss your requirements with The ICCA Care Service Manager.



The Day Care Team won the National Care Awards – Care Team Category 2014 award on the 28th November 2014 and the judge’s comments are as below:

The Indian Community Centre, Nottingham City Council
They provide a flexible and innovative service which enables and brings together the entire community. This is achieved by a resourceful and inspirational team who push the boundaries to deliver truly integrated and person centered care and support.


One of Nottingham’s carers has won the prestigious National Care Awards. Amardeep Bhattal has won the Care Leadership category and is the only public sector nominee to receive an award.

Frequently Asked Questions about The ICCA Day Care Service

Q When is the Centre open?
A The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am till 4.00pm . Day Care Service users arrive from 10.00am onwards and stay till 3.00pm.

Q How often can I attend?
A Day Centre users attend between one and five times per week, depending on their assessed needs.

Q Is Transport Provided?
A Transport can be arranged (subject to an individual’s assessment of needs). Transport pick up times vary depending on area of residence. The vehicle has room for walking frames and wheelchairs. A tail lift is also available to you if you cannot manage the steps. There is a nominal charge for this service.

Q What are the meal arrangements?
Freshly cooked meals are available every day and there is a choice of diet to meet individual needs

Q What if I become ill at the Centre?
A In an emergency situation, we will call an ambulance and inform your next of kin.